YA books are awesome

Young Adult books are the best.

For me they are anyway. As there are so many review sites out there already, I won’t repeat what they’ve said. But instead I’ll show you some YA books I’ve enjoyed recently.

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Legend by Marie Lu

A Million Suns (Sequel to Across the Universe) by Beth Revis.

I’m actually reading this one at the moment, but I’m almost finished.

All of these are rather Dystopia-ry, as that’s the current trend – but they are all still so different. And completely awesome. In regards to covers (because who doesn’t judge books by their covers?), I love A Million Suns best – it looks even better in real life.

So, what books are you enjoying at the moment? What do you think of all these Dystopian universes?


2 thoughts on “YA books are awesome

  1. I absolutely loved Cinder, maybe because I read it in almost one sitting. 🙂 A Million Suns is a sequel so I recommend reading Across the Universe first. It’s completely full of twists, and a bit different because it’s in space.

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