Historical accuracy is annoying.

I’m trying to make VL (set in 1887) as historically accurate as possible. I feel it’s sort of my duty, seeing as I’m about to finish my History degree.

But it’s rather hard to get everything right.

At the moment, my main character is in Hyde Park, walking down to the Wellington Arch.

Sounds simple enough. But it turns out:

1 – The Arch moved in 1882. (So my map from the early 1800s was wrong).

2 – The original statue of Wellington was taken away in Aug 1885, to be replaced by the current statue in the 1900s.

3 – There used to be the second smallest police station inside it.

How am I ever supposed to get any writing done, when there’s so much to look out for? 🙂

I also had to figure out what kind of trees lined Rotten Row. (I believe they’re limes, but if anyone knows for sure please let me know). That’s not really history, it’s more of a ‘I-need-to-take-a-train-to-London-and-see-for-myself’ kind of thing. But… it’s all in the details. 🙂

In other news, I’m rewriting my first chapter AGAIN! See, told you they were hard.


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