I love you sunshine, but I also hate you.

My dissertation is now handed in, and that’s the end of University for me. Feels rather odd that I’ve reached the end of about sixteen years of education. What to do now…?

It’s been rather sunny here over the past week, which means my brain gets a little fried, and I haven’t done much writing – on here, or of VL.

Instead, I’ve been reading a ton. Recently, I’ve read:

King Solomon’s Mines
Heist Society
City of Fallen Angels
City of Lost Souls (more on that a little futher down)
The Mediator Series 4, 5 and 6 (Jesse!)

That’s the crazy month of sequels etc over, which is rather sad actually. What to read now?

In other, awesome, news, I am going to see Cassandra Clare on Friday. I just wandered into my local Waterstones, and saw she was going to be doing a talk/q&a/signing. And for free! So I snaffled myself a ticket sharpish. So excited, never been to an author talk before. I hope she’ll sign Clockwork Angel too, as that’s one of my favourite books.


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