Cassandra Clare

I can’t believe I completely forgot about seeing Cassandra Clare the other week! Well, I say ‘see’, it was more ‘hear’, since the two tallest people in the audience sat in front of me so all I could see of her was her forehead, sometimes.

She read an extract from Clockwork Princess – which for some reason I can’t remember all that well, maybe because at the time I was thinking ‘oh my gosh, she created WILL, and that’s completely awesome’. I can’t believe we have to wait until March for that book. 😦

Then she answered a ton of questions from the audience, some of which were interesting – ‘have you run into any trouble doing research’, and some were silly – ‘why does Clary have red hair’, and others you could read about on the internet – ‘where did the idea for the series come from?’ But it was awesome nonetheless. Then I got Clockwork Angel and City of Lost Souls signed to me and my sister, and she asked which one of us read the books first. I said me, because I do.


Here she is signing the person in front’s book.

Anyway, it was completely awesome, and I’m rereading Clockwork Prince again now, despite having a ton of library books.

In my own writing, I spent three days writing/editing non stop, which was so fun. The Monday and Tuesday I spent watching all the Diamond Jubilee celebrations on TV. (Side note: drove through a load of little villages yesterday, and there was bunting EVERYWHERE, it was so pretty). Anyway, I”ve thrown myself into VL again, and plan to spend the whole of this week and next week writing/editing, so my sister can read it soon and give me a ton of feedback.

How’s everyone else doing anyway? Seen any cool authors? Watched the Jubilee and laughed at how bad the BBC was? Just writing away?


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