Just do it… Hit Send

I’m starting to send out queries for VL. (It has a title now, but I’m not going to write it as it took me long enough just to tell my sister what it was). The thing is, I’m not scared of other people reading my work. I’m scared of actually turning this writing thing, and my novel, into something real, something beyond just me. And of course I’m scared I’ll send out hundreds of queries and get no responses.

At the moment I’m researching and sending to agents (alright, one at the moment, but I’ll send it to more tomorrow) whom I really want. Who I think would be a good fit with me, and with my story. I can be picky to start with.

I was reading one author’s blog the other day, and they wrote a post about ‘when your work is ready to be sent off’. One of their points was it’s ready to go when the book isgetting worse rather than better. That’s exactly what I’ve started to worry about recently. I’m going through and editing, but am I cutting the charm of my book? Am I getting rid of conversations because they might not need to be there, but would probably benefit the story if they stayed? There are conversations between my protagonists that are really fun, that make me laugh, but I’ve cut them out. Was that the right decision?

Any tips, advice, or stories regarding querying? I’d love to hear them.


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