Reached by Ally Condie

I wasn’t going to read this. I’d read Matched, the first in the trilogy, and thought it was okay. Then I read Crossed, the second book, and had to force myself to finish it. It suffered from severe middle book syndrome, where nothing happened in it. Then I saw this one in the library, all shiny and new (still love the covers), and couldn’t resist.

It actually surprised me by being alright.

I think my major concern with it though, was the pacing. It was very slow. Even when things were happening, when Cassia, Xander, and Ky had a time limit to save thousands of people, it wouldn’t have felt off if they had just sat down to watch the day go by. Maybe had a cup of tea and wondered about the stars, and the sea, and various other metaphors that ought to be taken into an english lit class to be analysed. Maybe because of that, I didn’t really care for the characters.

Information was repeated several times throughout, basically so each of the three points of view knew about it, and even then other people decided to tell them it again. I think if they had been cut down, and the words ‘plague’, ‘pilot’, ‘immune’, and ‘cure’ were taken out, it would be a 300 page book, instead of a 500 page one.

That being said, I did enjoy it. There was a little reveal relating to book one, which I didn’t see coming and which I thought was pretty cool. There was actually little romance in there, which was kind of a relief – not because it was bad in the other books, but because I’m getting a little romanced-out from all the other books I’m reading.

It was a fitting end to the trilogy, and I’m glad I did finish it.

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