Blood Red Road by Moira Young

I suppose I’m rather late with this book, seeing as the sequel came out last year, but I had been sort of ignoring it in the library and bookshops because of the unoriginal blurb. It seemed to just be an amalgamation of a hundred other dystopian books, and it included twins – which I hate reading about. Anyway, I finally picked it up, and am so glad I did.

This reminded me of the books I read, and loved, when I was younger. It was well-written, full of action, fast paced, with interesting characters. Things didn’t go according to plan, meaning the protagonist (whose name I can’t remember) had to think quickly, and learn to be a strong person.

A common complaint I’ve heard about this, is the way it’s written. There are no speech marks, and it is in a certain dialect. It annoyed me for the first few pages, then I got over it and it didn’t bother me anymore.

I loved this book. They just need to sort out the blurb.


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