Heroes and Villains [Inspiration]

I did a post before about what inspired me, and though recently I’ve been struck down by the winter blues, a couple of things have struck me as being inspiring for my writing.

Skyfall. (SPOILER alert if you haven’t watched it yet)

1. It is a beautifully shot film. Bond floating along on that boat with the Chinese lanterns and fireworks is one of my favourite shots. It gave a great sense of atmosphere – something that’s far harder to do in writing than in a film. Then there’s the image of Severine standing in the broken window at the top of the skyscraper, wind blowing around her. The abandoned town on the island. Images of London, especially the one at the end with the flag flying behind Bond; Big Ben in the distance. And then of course the remoteness of Bond’s childhood home, Skyfall, in Scotland.

2. It sticks to one of the ‘rules’ of writing. “If you show a gun, you have to use it.” In this case, the camera panned over the Komodo dragons at the casino, before moving onto the scene. This could have just been to set the scene, to create a sense of danger. Instead, Bond is thrown in there with the baddies by the end. Plus, one of the baddies tries to use the gun no one but Bond can use. The special gun was mentioned before, but now it’s shown.

3. I was prejudiced against Severine before I’d even watched more than the trailer. Vesper from Casino Royale is one of my favourite characters in films, and Severine seemed to be – and even look – a little like her. But she won me over with her tragicness (especially the shaking hand when she smokes). There was more to her character than first appeared.

4. Silva, the villain, was creepy. But what made it worse, was that one could see exactly why he was doing what he was. He had been betrayed, just like Bond had been in the opening scene, by M. And that shows something I’m looking to incorporate in one of my stories – the hero could easily become the villain. There is only a tiny distinction between the motives of hero and villain.


Majesty (an old PC game)

I’ve been playing this again recently, and it’s bringing back all the inspiration I had for one of my older stories. I love fantasy; castles and inns, and princes, and adventures. I might actually look back over that story, as I do still love it.

So what about you? Anything been inspiring you recently? Anyone else ever played Majesty?


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