This Dark Endeavour by Kenneth Oppel

I’ll start by saying this felt more Middle Grade, rather than YA. In fact, if it weren’t for the love triangle, it might have been children’s. It was a good, fun adventure, with a distinctive protagonist, Victor Frankenstein, who wasn’t perfect. As a prequel to ‘Frankenstein’, it might have been good to be able to remember what happened in that book (I read it for A-level English, a long time ago) to see all the links. But even without that other knowledge, it was a nice read.

A minor problem I had with it, was the love triangle. Elizabeth loves Konrad, Victor’s identical twin, but Victor suddenly realises he loves her too. Whilst Konrad languished with a mysterious illness – that could quite possibly kill him – Victor ran around, barely giving a thought to that, instead thinking ‘aha, I can have Elizabeth all to myself’, despite the fact Elizabeth kept saying she only loved Konrad. Your twin’s dying, for goodness sake, Victor!

If you’re squeamish, be warned the ending is a bit icky.

Anyway, despite the kinda odd love triangle, I did enjoy this book.


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