Awesomeness gets in the way of writing

So I’d planned to start my new story the other day – a fantasy one I’ve been thinking of for a while – but several things got in the way. For starters, it’s been a long time since I wrote a first draft, and I keep having to yell at myself (in my head) to just get the darn thing down – the bare bones! – and I can make it better later.

Then I went to the library yesterday (one I haven’t been to before), and got 12 books. It was awesome. I was just grabbing books from the YA section, crying ‘oh my gosh!’, ‘wow, they have this one’, and ‘arghh!’ (to my sister of course, who was snatching books from the shelf next to me). Then we giggled all the way home, and I keep grinning whenever I catch sight of the pile on the living room floor. (I’ll post a picture of them later). I love books.

THEN I went on my laptop to get some darn writing done, and I found out they’ve cast more people in Divergent. And one of them is Maggie Q as Tori. As in MAGGIE Q! My favourite TV show in the world at the moment is Nikita, where Maggie Q plays the lead role. She’s amazing, and Nikita is amazing. Go watch it. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to Divergent now.


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