Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

I can’t tell whether I liked this book or not. It was different, and Seraphina was one of the best protagonists I’ve read for a while; stubborn, strong, and generally sure of herself. It’s a fully realised world, with the main city similar (in my mind anyway) to medieval London. There were more sides to this story than many YA/fantasy books I’ve read recently. I expected it to be a simpler read than it was.

In regards to the plot, I wasn’t always sure what it was. There were aspects of it I didn’t like (though that’s personal preference), and I did get confused at some points. My pet peeve was in attendance – a girl who’s not normal, who can’t tell anyone about it, and therefore lies to everyone about it. This, of course, created the tension between her and Prince Kiggs. He was an interesting character nonetheless, and the love story was not the most prominent feature – rather refreshing in a YA book.

I heard and read from other reviews that people enjoyed this book, but couldn’t seem to get into it. That’s exactly how I felt about it. But if I see the sequel in the library sometime, I’ll probably pick it up to see where it goes next.


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