Is that the finish line I see…?

My aim for the end of July was to have VL ready to send off to agents. It’s now the 29th and I’m reading through it to write the synopsis. So far, I’m on track.

I’ve spent the last seven weeks simplifying the story (I overcomplicate so much it’s insane), and line editing. I love doing those latter edits – maybe I’d be an editor if I wasn’t a writer…? Anyway, with that all typed up I’m finally seeing an end in sight again. And it’s exciting!

In non-writing news, I’ve been really busy reading. I spent all of Saturday reading my CP (aka my sister)’s story and making notes. I have two ARCS from Netgalley to read (The Bone Season and These Broken Stars), and I’ve had so many library books recently that books I bought at the start of June haven’t been read yet. Link that with the sudden burning desire to write my fantasy story, and you can see it’s been rather hard to concentrate on VL.

But now, as the British heatwave that lasted a fortnight fades, the rain hammers against my windows and every so often lightening flashes through (my laptop is unplugged in case it fries it), I think I can see the finish line in sight.


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