Favourite reads so far – part 1

I’ve been rather lax on the reviews/posting front recently, so I’ll catch up by mentioning a few of my favourite reads of the 94(!) books I’ve read so far this year.

Dark Triumph Robin LaFevers

First, I just have to say how well this one matches with Grave Mercy, looks-wise. I love books that match. This one was darker than its predecessor, though not as dark as I was fearing from other reviews, and I particularly liked the protagonist, Sybella. The chemistry between her and the love interest was great, just as it was in the first book between Ismae and Duval. They’ve stood out to me as possibly the best I’ve read recently.

Percy Jackson series Rick Riordan

Yes, I finally got around to this series. I was trying not to, mainly because I didn’t want to revert back to reading children’s books, but I caved. And I can see what everyone was talking about. I loved them. There’s so much going on; tiny parts that link the books, clear characters, action (The Last Olympian felt like a film), strong motives… It just had everything. I can’t wait to read the next books, after my TBR pile has gone down.

Stormdancer Jay Kristoff

This one I’m actually conflicted about. I enjoyed it whilst I was reading it, it really got my heart pounding in places, and the settings were cool, but afterwards I realised it wasn’t really anything new. Like Blood Red Road (Moira Young), it reminded me of books I used to read when I was younger – the ones that aren’t just about the love interest and have lots going on. Though I did like it, I felt like I had seen most of it before.

James Bond series Ian Fleming

I think everyone has to read this series in their lifetime. I mean, it’s James Bond. Long story short, they were far better than I expected them to be (I suppose I’m ageist when it comes to books).

Have you read any of these? What did you think? What books have you been enjoying this year?


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