Crown of Midnight

Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass, #2)

Crown of Midnight Sarah J. Maas

Wow. I was really not expecting to like Crown of Midnight as much as I did. I had seen all these amazing 5 star reviews for it, but I still wasn’t convinced. I enjoyed the first in the series, Throne of Glass, but it wasn’t anything special. There were flaws in it that I’ve noted in my review for it here. Those flaws are non-existent in Crown of Midnight.

There was just so much more in this book. It didn’t have middle-book syndrome. It moved forward. The pacing was excellent. The characters grew, and I liked all of them, which I can’t really say about many books. Just… argh – I loved it.

If I had to say one problem, I think it would have to be that the plot and plot points were perhaps not all that original. Though I’m only thinking that now, after I’ve finished it. It was so beautifully written, with enough new elements, that I don’t really care anyway.

The reveal/cliffhanger at the end was not all that surprising. It was hinted at, quite strongly I think, in Throne of Glass. That being said, I was still grinning when I read the last few pages, and this was at 3am – I couldn’t put it down.

Seriously, if you like fantasy books, read Crown of Midnight. If you like YA books, read Crown of Midnight. It builds and expands on it’s predecessor, which pales against the awesomeness of this one. When does the sequel come out…?

By the way, this is the 100th book I’ve read this year. I’m going to have to ‘up’ my Goodreads aim…


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